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I create a safe environment to support you to see deeply into the emotional patterns and abandoned aspects that cause distress in your life. By gently going into the feelings, you move into acceptance; tensions diffuse and understanding comes. Balance is restored so you can move forward with more connection, clarity and ease in your life. Sessions are confidential.

Lin bell

I love traditional culture and was born and raised in South Africa. Taught at a young age about spiritual healing by my father, I followed many paths learning with traditional healers, teachers and elders around the world.

I’m a mother of two children and grandmother to two gorgeous boys who live nearby, so I’m so lucky to spend precious time with them. I’ve been blessed to live in the Byron Bay area for the past 37 years and love walking in nature, and up to the lighthouse. My loves include swimming and dozing on the beautiful white sandy beaches, and freeform dancing where I let myself go and allow my spirit to express through my body.

I’ve  practiced in the healing arts for 37 years and am skilled as a Kinesiologist, Counsellor, Spiritual Healer, Shamanic Healer, Somatic Experiencing, Self-Development, Workshop facilitator, Teacher, Intuitive Tarot Reader, Bodyworker, Rebirther and Meditation Guide. My specialty is working with emotional issues, accessing core patterns, overwhelm, stress, depression. I also have a Diploma in Trauma & Healing, Indigenous.

I offer life-changing spiritual retreats to Sacred Sites around the world with my Sacred Travels and I’m also available to travel to your area to offer Workshops and Sessions.

about lin bell

17 years ago, I created the popular Inner Self Guidance Cards. I receive many emails requesting them from all over Australia and overseas. I also facilitate Deeper Journeys Workshops connecting you to Source, accessing intuition, and teach tools for spiritual awareness, communication and meditation. From time to time, I offer weekly Spirit Communication Groups to explore intuition, meditation and healing.

I am here to support you to empower yourself, to make choices without fear or judgment; to accept, appreciate and respect the Self. I bring what I’ve spent a lifetime assimilating, through to my work, practicing presence of Being.

I am passionate about my work.

“Speak as if all that is becoming will protect you”