Deep Spiritual Healing

Lin was born with the gift of healing and her mission is to use this gift for the upliftment of humanity.

She has a wealth of tools and experience to assist you to return to vibrant health and deep inner peace.

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KINIJI – Distance Session

This healing session is available on FaceTime or Skype. We work together, somatically experiencing the messages your body is giving you, by gently going into the feelings. I attune to your energy field, and am guided to direct you to underlying subconscious fears that are held in your body. So we look at your beliefs and patterns and allow them to release, so that healing, acceptance and a sense of expansion may occur.. This session is similar to a Kinesiology session except that I am surrogating for you. Really profound change and understanding can happen.

Kiniji Sessions go for 2 hours

120 mins AUD $180


I find out your birth time through the use of Kiniji which is a surrogate form of muscle testing and atunement to your energyfield. This is available on Skype or FaceTime as a 15 minute (for exact details) or 30 minute session (if unresolved birth issues arise). This session is also available in person.

15 mins AUD $35

30 mins AUD $60


I’ve spent over 50 years practicing the art of meditation. I have also spent time with many Eastern and Western teachers, practice Self-Inquiry, and  commune with the Angels and Masters of Light. I pass this wisdom on to You.

Available as a 30 minute session in person, Skype or FaceTime

30 mins AUD $60


I use my hands and channel energy to your body through physical touch. Commonly known as laying on of hands. I channel Source energy,  balancing the Chakra energy system of the body to uplift, restore and bring calm. As a child, I learnt the art from my father who was a practicing Spiritual Healer and later on, I travelled and learnt from various healers around the world, including the renowned Harry Edwards, Traditional Maori Elder, Aunty Olive Bullock and Spiritualist, Eileen Boud, all of whom are now in the Spirit World. I’ve always had a gift with animals, family and friends and I’ve been blessed with healing hands that bring solace and warmth to the heart, reconnecting you with your Soul. Create an opportunity to sink deeply into Self and gain peace and clarity.

This healing usually takes 30 minutes. Also available as Distant Healing on Skype or FaceTime or via Email contact

30 mins AUD $60



By accessing pressure points, I work on the nervous system which has nerve endings in the hands and feet. I use firm yet soothing pressure to take you into a blissful reverie with my deeply relaxing touch.

Rejuvenate tired feet, improve blood flow, reduce stress, restore balance.

Beneficial for post-operative recuperation, pain reduction, easier birthing, delivery and post-partum recovery.

This healing is available in person as a 30, 60 or 90 minute session

30 mins AUD $60

60 mins AUD $110

90 mins AUD $165

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I spent much time with traditional peoples. Born and raised in South Africa, I always have a love of indigenous cultures. Inherent within is the ability to access deep subconscious energies. I recognize these and bring them to the surface so they may be received into your Awareness and accepted by you.  I work with Mother Earth energies, the Ancient Ones and the Masters of Love and Light.

This healing can be incorporated into a Kinesiology session, available as a 90 or 120 minute session

90 mins AUD $165

120 mins AUD $180

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Sometimes seeing past life parallel reality situations are a great way to bring healing to a present parallel time-line issue. Viewed as a movie, it provides an objective view to gain clarity. We access these lives through Kinesiology, Kiniji or Rebirthing. Often the Past Life is really ancestral and we carry that in our DNA.



Through connected breathing, the cells of the body begin to expand and this allows old patterns to surface, to be seen and released. This process can be gentle or cathartic. I create a safe space for you to experience your journey, often reliving your birth, early childhood memories or past lives.

This healing is available in person as a 90 or 120 minute session

90 mins AUD $165

120 mins AUD $180


With the assistance of the healing power of crystals, I work with the body’s Chakra and Meridian system addressing specific questions. This allows clarity, balance, a sense of peace and let go.The aura is the electro-magnetic field around the body and consists of 7 subtle layers each with it’s own frequency which colour our creativity, emotions, thoughts, spirituality, vitality and health.

This healing is available as a 60 minute session

60 mins AUD $110