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Inner Self Deeper Journeys Workshops

Workshops, Meditation, Spirit Communication, Channelling, Groups

Contact Lin 0404 066 707 for details

It is Lin’s compassion and intuition and her work with the inner realms of spirit, guiding you to your own heart’s knowing, more than the techniques she offers.

Lin uses her gifts to recognise the subtle nuances of your thoughts and beliefs and assists you in seeing this, so that you can make new empowering choices. This encourages hearts to open, restoring balance and healing. 36 years along the way, Lin filled her medicine bag with many tools to assist you including how to activate your codes. They’ve been sitting in a pool of water – now its time to dazzle yourself, us, the world with the new you, with what’s been buried within.

Lin offer professional services including Kinesiologist-Counsellor, she is trained in Trauma Healing Indigenous, practices Intuitive Channeling, Circle Work, Shamanic Empowerment, and Spiritual Healing. She has spent time with Master Healers and Traditional Elders around the world.

Lin specializes in:

Exploring Presence of Being

Living your passion by transforming fears into aliveness

Self-empowerment through positive life choices

Transformation during transitions and crisis

Sacred and intuitive living and Soul-centred wisdom

Creativity and body consciousness


Dawn is the pleasure of a new Earth Song

Please contact me if you would like more information on this or if you would like me to facilitate this workshop in your area. I am also  available for a few days before/after the weekend for private sessions.

I am here to support you to empower yourself; to make choices without fear or judgment. To accept, appreciate and respect Self. I bring what I’ve spent a lifetime assimilating, through my work, practicing presence of being.  

Lin lives and works in the Byron Bay area and offers  workshops and private sessions in Sydney, Melbourne, and now London. Please contact her if you would like her to come to your area.

Dance your Wildness, Dance your Wisdom

Through Shamanic practices we connect to Mother Earth. Learn to dance an ancient Cherokee Dance of the Four Directions. Chant and weave the energy through your Chakras.

Through story-telling, we access archetypal energies that give us purpose and meaning to our journey, empowering us to move forward with clarity and vision. Explore practical tools for transformation of Self and ways of working with others. Learn how to muscle test and communicate with the body’s wisdom. Practice attuning to crystals.

Let the medicine of your life’s journey speak to you. Call in the support of your Ancestors and the Masters of Light.  Find a within place of trust, courage and willingness. Transform your fears into aliveness, creativity,  joy and self-empowerment. Awaken your passion and start living your dreams. Explore what it means to Be in Presence, listen to the cells of your body talk.

Healing occurs when there is a deep acceptance of all your choices in each moment, without judgment. Allow yourself to journey into the depths of your unconscious, the buried pain that needs to be heard, felt and brought home. This is the way to ground, to earth, to connect. In a safe supportive environment, open up to your deepest knowing, allow your intuition to guide you.  Learn tools to develop and trust your intuition.

Lin has practiced in the Healing Arts for over 36 years and has spent time with Traditional Elders around the world,  and she now passes this knowledge on to you.

Deeper Journeys workshop  AUD290

I am currently offering Sacred Travel Spiritual Transformational Tours to Sacred Sites around the World with a focus on Spirit Communication.workshop-byronbaykinesiology-healings-readings.com.au


I also offer 9-weekly Spiritual growth groups where you have the opportunity to share, receive support, learn new self awareness tools and meet like-minded new friends.  A supportive environment is especially helpful if, as a child, you didn’t feel safe to express yourself in your family

2 hour meeting available in the Byron Shire

Cost AUD $225/$180 conc  x 9 weeks

UPCOMING CIRCLE BEGINNING Tuesday 22nd August 2017 in Myocum 

  • Explore Relationship with Self and others
  • Deepen Intuition
  • Practice Muscle-testing and Spiritual Healing


As a committed 7-week course, we focus on Self help and spiritual growth, the unfoldment of Self in a supportive environment..

Cost AUD $140 x 7 weeks



Practice the art of meditation in a loving safe environment. Explore Self-Enquiry Who Am I? Who is Aware? I have a background in meditating over the past 48 years with masters and teachers from both Eastern and Western cultures.I pass this experience on.

This 1 hour group is held  either in the Byron Shire or on-line through Skype